Malice in Wonderland

Director: Simon Fellows

Writer: Jayson Rothwell

Producers: Mark Williams & Albert Martinez Martin

Starring: Maggie Grace, Danny Dyer, Matt king, Paul Kaye, Nathaniel Parker & Gary Beadle

Release Date: 30th December 2010

Certification: 15

Run Time: 1h 27min


After reading reviews on this film it seems it is what I call a marmite topic. You either love it, or hate it.

Most people will recall the well-known Lewis Carrol story from their childhood. This film portrays a darker side of this beloved book.

Replacing Carrol’s “Wonderland” with an underground “gangster’s paradise” filled with eccentric characters and abstract surroundings.

This is definitely action-packed and filled with many humorous one liners. Replacing every character you thought you knew with gangsters, mob bosses, geezers and prostitutes.

A brief plot:

A young girl, running from her pursuers, is knocked down by black cab driver Whitey (Danny Dyer) and loses her memory. After taking pills from a bottle labelled “For your Head” she begins to recover fragments of her memory. Mob Boss Harry Hunt is having a “Coming Out” party and between assisting Whitey in finding the perfect present and trying to discover herself, she travels all over this dark and dangerous wonderland meeting human representations of the well-known characters from the classic book. This film takes you on a journey through “the land that time forgot” where time is truly of the essence. The acting is cartoon-like, reflecting the book in many ways.

When watching this film, keep an open mind and get ready to discover a whole new wonderland,

like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Simon Fellows and his team will make you want to watch this film again and again.

My Rating: 4